Week 3: Proposal Reflection

Week 3 Provocation Reflect on your process of submitting a proposal/response to the brief supplied by Frantic for the Advanced Collaborative Theatre Making module.  What did you learn about your practice, interests and questions when beginning to develop ideas for new work?  Reference how you might use these reflections to begin the process of starting [...]


Week 2: Artist Statements From People Doing It Right

Week 2 Provocation Select two artists statements (either for a performing arts individual, collective or company) that you admire and outline why you think they are successful.  There is a useful resource on Moodle related to artists statements, with examples, and you will find lots of others on-line. NDT (Netherlands Dance Theatre) Netherlands Dance Theatre [...]

Week 1: Lessons Learned, Plans Made

Welcome to M21 Professional Studies Over the next few weeks I will post my weekly provocations that are based around a 2 day workshop with Percy Emmett, Jackie Elliman and Anna Moutrey regarding the business side of contemporary arts. Here is week 1's Provocations. What were your top 3 take-away learnings from any of the sessions [...]

Moving With Dancers

This past week I spent some time in the studio with some dancers from the undergraduate course at Coventry University. I wanted to explore the same sort of exercises I had done with my fellow actor colleagues to see how the outcome would differ with trained movers used to playing with their body. We did [...]

Provocation 2 and Outline of Self Study Programme

From the two week intensive with Frantic Assembly and the one on one tutorials with Simon, Scott, and Andrea I have now identified three areas I would like to focus and develop on over the next month. I will create a weekly list of tasks to complete and ultimately post onto this blog, to demonstrate [...]