Week 5: Skills Health Check

Week 5 Provocation Conduct a 'skills audit or health check'.  You may not agree with all that comes back and that's ok, but be interested in why you do/don't agree with what is coming back to you, offering specific examples from your experience on M20PA.  Consider where you use your skills well or where they [...]


Week 4: Artist Statement

Week 4 Provocations Write an artist statement which is relevant to where you are in your current practice. Reflect on this process, outlining the challenges of formulating such a statement and commenting upon how this might have changed over the last six months.   Artists Statement Having worked as a dancer/collaborator for the last six [...]

Week 3: Proposal Reflection

Week 3 Provocation Reflect on your process of submitting a proposal/response to the brief supplied by Frantic for the Advanced Collaborative Theatre Making module.  What did you learn about your practice, interests and questions when beginning to develop ideas for new work?  Reference how you might use these reflections to begin the process of starting [...]

Week 2: Artist Statements From People Doing It Right

Week 2 Provocation Select two artists statements (either for a performing arts individual, collective or company) that you admire and outline why you think they are successful.  There is a useful resource on Moodle related to artists statements, with examples, and you will find lots of others on-line. NDT (Netherlands Dance Theatre) Netherlands Dance Theatre [...]

Week 1 Frantic Intensive

And so has begun the Frantic assembly Intensive. I am currently sitting in Waterloo Action Centre in London on the floor of a rehearsal space writing and warming up before our last day of workshops and talks for this week. We are all required to be in the space half an hour before we begin. [...]

Letter to Myself

Dear Chloe, As of Monday the 6th of February 2017 you will begin your two week intensive with Frantic Assembly. And judging by the word 'Intensive' you can definitely believe it will live up to its definition. And you should not be worried at all! This is exactly what you have been striving for. There has [...]