Week 3: Proposal Reflection

Week 3 Provocation

Reflect on your process of submitting a proposal/response to the brief supplied by Frantic for the Advanced Collaborative Theatre Making module.  What did you learn about your practice, interests and questions when beginning to develop ideas for new work?  Reference how you might use these reflections to begin the process of starting your final project or starting other artistic work outside the MA.


My initial proposal I had submitted for our performance at Lyric Hammersmith was looking at selfless acts of kindness.  How and why do people perform these acts that in no way benefit them? I began looking at the initial photo that was provided to us for stimulus to begin developing ideas for a show. From the start I was questioning why I felt the way I did about the image and then further assessed whether the first idea was the easiest to jump to. This allowed me to delve deep and really analyse what was happening in the image and how it made me feel. Throughout the beginning I jumped back and forth from diving in too deep and layering too much of an idea before entering the studio, to pulling back and realising I needed to at least figure out what that kernel of the idea was.

From the start I had a real interest in the connection between human beings from a positive and empathetic stand point. And this fed into the idea that I had initially developed for a proposal. It was interesting to see that even having been given quite direct stimuli, I still gravitated towards my interest of human empathy. When something is niggling at you it is not possible to push it away and focus on something else.

I found when researching my idea I came across a plethora of other forms of inspiration like poems, song and other images. It was a lovely journey that took me step by step from one place to another. However it was also important that at some point I stop and land on something that spoke to me, so that I could locate exactly what I was wanting to explore in order to communicate it to others particularly within my proposal.

It is from the last proposal that there are certain elements I would like to explore in this new development. The idea of empathy particularly as an audience watching a story has always fascinated me, and for some time has found its way into other works I have done. I was quite happy with the way I approached my last proposal and think I would like to do the same again, although a little more in depth. Through my research I know I will find new starting points to use that will inform my journey and hopefully help further define what it is I want to say. But I am aware I need to know when to stop myself from drowning in to many of other peoples stories and art. Finding the right balance is difficult and I have been caught before by intellectualising an idea too much that eventually can kill its magic. I need to know that once I have hit on something that is interesting I need to get into the studio and explore it for myself.





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