Week 2: Artist Statements From People Doing It Right

Week 2 Provocation

Select two artists statements (either for a performing arts individual, collective or company) that you admire and outline why you think they are successful.  There is a useful resource on Moodle related to artists statements, with examples, and you will find lots of others on-line.

  • NDT (Netherlands Dance Theatre)

Netherlands Dance Theatre are a contemporary dance company that have been around for more than 50 years. They are a world renowned international company with a reputation for breaking boundaries and exploring new areas of contemporary arts. They have been described as having ‘an avant-garde aesthetic and their nonconformist, progressive productions put the company on the national and international map’ (Netherlands Dance Theatre n.d.). It is through this description that NDT have flourished within the performing arts community and ultimately onto commercial success.

For years the company has continued to bring in other artists to create work on their dancers, to broaden their repertoire of work and also showcase a variety of artists. This also widens their scope of engaging audiences and allows for a body of work that is universal.

NDT are known for the highest level of quality in their dancers and as such not only produce innovative creations, but the dancers are able to execute them to perfection through flawless technique and engaging stage presence. This is done through breaking up the company into NDT1 and NDT2, one being a young ensemble who focus on developing technique and performance skills. While the other (NDT1), is a mature group of artists who are the main premiering group working on their artistic personalities. As such the performers from NDT1 by that point have a wealth of experience behind them they are now performing with the highest quality.

NDT’s marketing has evolved over the years to change with the times particularly in an age of electronics. They are involved in all social networking sites and performing arts news boards so that everyone is up to date on their new projects.


  • LostDog Dance

Lost Dog Dance is a small company formed in 2004 by Ben Duke in the aim of creating works that come from both theatre and dance. They devise works from a plethora of places including movement, text, live music and circus. It is what allows them to develop such a unique image and to continue further creating always changing performances.

Their message for the company is “We began with an idea and we continue to wrestle with it, to say what needs to be said and dance the rest.”(LostDog Dance n.d.).  This begins to open up both the theatre and dance genre by allowing text into movement, and leaving the body to communicate the rest.

The company offers an extensive participation programme of residencies and workshops to involve the next generation of artists and to help foster their development. This in turn further advertises the company and opens up their working processes to others.

Their success comes from their ability to showcase works in various forms of festivals and productions, from dance evenings to theatre venues and circus events. This comes from their interdisciplinary work and its ability to conform to many different genres and therefore a wider audience.

Reference List

LostDog Dance (n.d.) About Lost Dog [online] available from <http://lostdogdance.co.uk/about&gt; [5th July 2017]

Netherlands Dance Theatre (n.d.) Our Story [online] available from <https://www.ndt.nl/en/discover/our-story.html&gt; [4th July 2017]


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