Week 4 Provocation: Sharing Blogs

This past week I have spent some time weaving my way through everyones fantastic blogs and have come to realise that I love this world of blogging! It reminds of the myspace era, where you could personalise and make your own little pocket of the internet personal to you. At the same time you could so easily connect and communicate to others (hopefully innocently) and feel like you could travel anywhere in the world in you own home. Now it is much different and networks like Facebook have become increasingly more rigid and we as people are completely desensitized to world wide web. However I have found my little pocket of me in this blog, and I am thoroughly enjoying my journey through everyone else’s little pockets as well.

I wanted to point out a few little nuggets of inspiration I received when reading the blogs, as they were things that I had either forgotten about from the two week intensive or it was something that had not occurred to me at all.


I was on Jessi’s blog and came across her post she had written about her one to one with a yoga teacher. It was so interesting to read this information from a complete beginner and to notice that yoga can be so accommodating to anyone. I remember having a terrible back injury at uni and had complained to my yoga teacher about it, she said that it was important for me to continue moving however small, and so she had me performing little yoga exercises in the corner that had me stretched and warmed up for the day. Jessi reminded me of that day and the power yoga can have on anyone when taught the right things properly, it is not just about strength, yoga comes from a confident calm you must find in order to have peace in the body.  It was one of the most popular warmups we did in the intensive with Frantic, as I was not competitive and did not rely on a pumping sweat warmup. Everyone could take the time to do what they needed for them, while also being encouraged to work hard.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.03.53.png


Gav made a post about his workshop he had done with a group of people, exploring some movement devising exercises. From his previous post Gav talked about coding and his fascination with bringing that into the creative process. He then reflected on the workshop beginning from the coding to layer movement onto those symbols. I was really fascinated by this way of directing and creating movement, something I had never thought of before. By watching the videos Gav had posted it was clear they had found some really interesting phrases to play with. I would love to think about something like this in the future, maybe playing with the alphabet and adding a movement to each letter. To then present a list of words placing the moves that fit to each letter to discover a phrase hidden behind every work. I am interested in the idea of cutting off one aspect of the creative process to find potential in another that you may have missed. So while focusing on the way a move looks you can be missing out on playing with the order of things or finding detail within each little movement. This is another exercise I could play with in my movement directing study plan.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.03.07


I made my way to visit Fiona’s blog which is made of lovely song lists and words that say cake which already have me hooked. I was truck my Fiona’s honest account of her progress and pin pointing areas she needs to improve on. It is something that is missing from my blog at the moment. I have found it harder to reflect on my own personal experience than to explore different ideas and exercises and break down how they are or aren’t useful. However after starting this module I have began looking into what it means to reflect, and one important aspect is to dig inwards and identify how you are within a practice and understand why that is. So in the spirit of that I will begin to always reflect on my personal experience of how I felt when in the moment of what I am writing about.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.19.40

I enjoyed the provocation this week, it allowed me to check in and learn a little bit about everyone. Each blog is totally unique and completely theirs which is lovely, their individual passion shines through.  I will continue to stayed connected to all of the blogs as the module progresses and hopefully to follow through after the course finishes and into big wide world!


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