Reflection Provocation 1

This is the first provocation following the two week intensive with Frantic Assembly. These are questions that are there to be analysed and reflected upon. This first task is asking to analyse the intensive and what has been gained from the experience.

What skills, knowledge, and/or learning have you gained from this?

I have begun to look at movement in a different way. I do feel this has added another layer of understanding in my movement practice, and to be honest I did not fully expect it. The ability to strip a move back to its basic form and explore what every little moment could be expressing is a great way to form a scene. Particularly if you are playing with individual characters, this allows the space to play and experiment to see how two or more people are communicating.

How to collaborate with other artists, is a topic we discussed in the intensive and I certainly learnt a thing or two. Talking to other practitioners in the industry, it was lovely to know that they need to be heavily embedded in the creative process from the beginning. This is to allow them to gain a real understanding of the what work they need to create themselves. Additionally, that it is okay to not know technical jargon of another discipline, that if you can get your vision across they will bring the expertise required to fill in the rest.

I have also gained a better understanding of how to work and create with people who do not have a movement background. I have realised it is a rewarding experience to play and encourage creatives who do not necessarily feel comfortable moving. Frantic have found fantastic strategies and tasks to approach moving in an alternative way. And I am so interested to explore this process further, and possibly find ways that could work within dance.

Where do you see your strengths to be? What areas would you like to develop?

I am incredibly excited about exploring the movement aspect of developing work, as this is something I am quite comfortable with. I consider this to be my strength, and I am excited to explore this further. I have also enjoyed creating and playing with everyone these last two weeks. I do believe I have a strength within collaboration, and do enjoy the physical process of play with ideas.

However the other side of directing, particularly when it comes to text and scene development, is something that I need to build on, and gain a better understanding of how it can work for me. The intensive gave me a new avenue to approach a scene and character work, particularly through movement. I think with this new understanding I can explore directing that makes sense to me. However at this moment I am still very much out of my depth, and will need to focus on this aspect of theatre if I hope to direct work in the future.


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