Letter to Myself

Dear Chloe,

As of Monday the 6th of February 2017 you will begin your two week intensive with Frantic Assembly. And judging by the word ‘Intensive’ you can definitely believe it will live up to its definition. And you should not be worried at all! This is exactly what you have been striving for. There has always been something missing all through your dance journey, and now finally not only have you identified what the gap is, but you have the courage to take that step into unknown territory.

This will be a full on two weeks, and no doubt you’ll end with more questions than you have in this moment. However the important question now is, how will you approach this upcoming journey?

A. Have a complete open mind, be willing to allow yourself to feel out of your depth. That is where you will grow most.

B. Make sure to follow your physical conditioning, particularly now as this will work your body in unexpected ways.

C. Stay true to a daily habit of documenting your findings each day, as its important to reflect while its still fresh in your mind.

D. Your greatest is worry is your lack of training when it comes to speech and text, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take in as much information as possible. Use this as your research period to learn as much as you possibly can about the voice.

E. And lastly, enjoy yourself! You have a tendency to overthink and miss out on relishing your passion in the moment.

This is all well and good to what you should do, but how will you go about executing all of these steps?

A. Every morning you need to take a moment to check in on how you are mentally and physically so you are aware of yourself and how you will approach the day. Otherwise you are in great danger of reacting subconsciously to the things around you without being aware of your thought patterns, subsequently missing every opportunity to learn.

B. Thorough warm up and cool downs are necessary everyday. Your pre existing niggles always make a return when your are unprepared for physical activity, they also allow for new ones to appear.

C. Set aside a definite time everyday to reflect in your journal. No exceptions! Particularly on your commute home, you have no distractions and it is your best time to relax and think. Also keep a journal with you throughout the day, so if you have thoughts and questions you can jot them down before they disappear into the nether regions of your mind.

D. Be sure to ask questions, and utilise your fantastic colleagues around you. They have a wonderful breadth of knowledge from so many aspects of theatre, while you are in a creative space you can work with and learn from them.

Lastly I want you to remember what skills you already possess. You have worked hard to get where you are, and so many of these skills will be relevant for this intensive and particularly this course. This is what you can offer. Your comfort and experience in movement of the body will come in handy. This will be a fantastic opportunity to explore this passion in a different environment. You love the process of improvisation, it is something you have worked with and have researched for a few years, it’ll be great to learn other types of creating and exploring. You have mostly worked within collaborative processes during your dance work, and this kind of structure will not be a shock to the system for this intensive. Revel in the amazing connection a process built through discussion and play can bring to a group of people.

This will be an invaluable fortnight, that I know will open your mind and fuel your love for theatre. I know you have a few worries for next week, but if you make sure to stick to your daily process you should go into the rehearsal studio each day with a focused mind. Know it is ok to fail, this is the best time to do it, so open yourself up to the creative process!           Go forth and have fun, I know you will!

With love,




One thought on “Letter to Myself

  1. Love the positive vibes coming from this blog Chloe! 🙂 you have some useful ideas that I might just steal – like checking in with yourself every morning to avoid subconscious reactions. Thanks for sharing! 😉


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