First Things First


My very first post on my very first blog. How very exciting! This initial stream of words is just to introduce myself and explain why I am here on the big wide web sharing my adventures and stories.

I am an Australian having made the long and arduous journey to the United Kingdom to experience a new life in a new pocket of the world. I am first and foremost a dancer having trained my whole life in a dance studio, however ultimately I love the theatre and what splendid surprises it can offer. From the beginning of 2017 I am to embark or should I say have already begun to embark on a new adventure within a MA in Collaborative Theatre Making at Coventry University in association with Frantic Assembly (very Exciting).

This is the perfect year I feel to jump back into education and research what I have been dying to discover, the link between theatre and dance. This blog will serve as my brainstorm platform not only for me to get all of my thoughts out into words, but to also open a conversation to my fellow MA Collaborative colleagues, and others who wish to join in.

This will be one crazy year, I know will be full of laughs and tears, screams of frustration and giggles of exhilaration. I am so ready for what is more than likely going to be torpedoing in my direction!

Lets Get To It! x




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